Getting The Most Out Of Your Workout

Most people know what you need to do when it comes to exercising. But after reading this, maybe you can implement some simple steps and tools to help you get the most out of your next workout.

Your workout should have a purpose and a plan.

You need a purpose so that workouts are individualized to your personal needs. Identifying your needs will help you be consistent and stay motivated to exercise. Here are some needs that maybe you can identify with the next time you workout: 

  • I feel strong.           
  • I think clearly.           
  • I have more energy.

The benefit to having a workout plan is to achieve results specific to you. By identifying your personal goals, you will be more likely to stay motivated to exercise and get the most out of your workout. Do any of these goals resonate with you?

  • Lose 3 pounds.
  • Touch my toes.
  • Tone my muscles.

Variety is the key to success.

People are creatures of habit. You find something you like, it becomes habitual, and you stay the course. Even though exercising is really, really good for you, you might be limiting your potential to get the most out of your workout by doing the same workout. Do you get on the treadmill and run at the same speed, take the same spin class and go to the same Pilates or yoga instructor? If so, change your routine. You should not repeat the same workout. Variety reduces boredom, challenges your brain, builds new muscles, reduces injuries, and can help you break through weight loss (or gain) plateaus.  

Practical tips.

Elevate your heart rate. If you are not elevating your heart rate at least 4 times a week, you are missing an opportunity to get the most out of your workout. When you elevate your heart rate, your heart pumps more blood and works harder. Over time, your heart will become more efficient and will not have to work as hard to pump the same amount of blood. Your heart is like any other muscle in your body. It needs to be taxed, given an opportunity to rest and recover so that it can grow stronger.

Have sensible eating habits. The best way to get the most out of your workouts is to eat well. In my opinion, I believe the diet/workout relationship is 70% diet and 30% exercise. Your diet is significantly more important than your workout. If you make the time to workout, make the time to eat right. Every time you eat or drink something, think about writing it on a post-it note and attaching it to your sleeve. Walk around bragging about what you consume versus hiding the truth about your diet. 

Feel the muscle burn. If you do not have a strength training workout routine, get one. If you are not feeling the burn when you do weight bearing exercises, increase your weight, check your form or do more repetitions. When you feel the burn, your muscle is working to it’s potential. Muscles will get stronger in the rest and recovery period and help you achieve a sculpted physique. 

Get it done! Every week, look at your calendar and schedule your workout. Life will get in the way and keep you from reaching your potential if you do not make an appointment to workout.

Getting the most out of your workout begins with you. Identify your purpose and plan, change up your workout routine and use these practical tips to help you become the strongest you can be, mentally and physically.

First Workout of 2016

Today was my first workout in 22 days. Quite honestly, I haven't been motivated. With the best intentions to wake up at 5am to do my workout, I slept in, woke up late and rushed to get a family of 6 out the door in 20 minutes. After drop off, the amount of work that I was behind on began to overwhelm me and then when Vito went for his workout, he motivated me to do my workout. So I did. I ran my 5 miles, MUCH slower than usual, but with my music and cool temperatures, I did it. Yes, even after stretching, I'm quite sore already, but the energy and alertness I feel outweighs the muscle pain. Today begins my trek. I’ve picked my peak and am on my way to reach the top. Are you ready to start your trek? If so, I’d love to hear from you and your trek. Together, let’s motivate one another and make 2016 the best trek yet!


Burn More Calories

Exercise has many benefits. Along with improving your overall health, exercise increases bone density, boosts your mood, memory and your learning. But for some, that’s not enough. You want results and you want them fast.  So, if you’re not getting the best results from your workout, start incorporating some (or all) of these tips into your workout routine and get the results you want!

1.     Incorporate muscle-building exercises. Muscle cells works harder than fat cells and burn more calories. Muscle cells are dense (compact), and take up less space than fat cells, which can shave off inches from your waistline, hips and other areas. Did you know that regular weight training could boost your metabolism by 15%? That means that your body will burn more calories, even when you are at rest. What types of weight bearing exercises should you do? Think about traditional calisthenics like squats, lunges, burpees and pushups. Remember, too much cardio vascular exercises can actually shrink the size of your muscles.

2.     Exercise in your target heart rate zone. Most people do not exercise at the right intensity level. The greater the exertion, the greater amount of calories you burn. Use this formula to calculate your target heart rate zones. 1.) Find your resting heart rate (RHR). 2.) Take 220 (maximum heart rate) – your age – RHR. 3.) Multiply by the % of intensity you want: fat burning zone is 60-75% and aerobic/cardio zone is 75-85%. 4.) Add back in your RHR and you have your zone. If you're not breathing hard, you're not working out hard enough. If you can read a magazine, newspaper or check email during your workout, you are not burning the calories that you could be.

3.     Keep your workouts less than 60 minutes. After 60-minutes of exercise, your body releases cortisol, a hormone that prevents tissue growth and decreases muscle mass. An increase in cortisol can also lead to an increase in abdominal fat. Train your body to work smarter, not longer. Have a workout routine that incorporates strength training, cardio vascular training, balance, flexibility and core conditioning. The next time you go to the gym, be efficient, stop the chitchat and get on with your busy day.

To burn more calories during your workout, incorporate muscle-building exercises, increase your intensity and keep your workouts to less than 60-minutes.