Just wanted to reiterate how much I love the program. Just finished Get HIIT and I'm ready to tackle cafeteria duty! I also love how my kids are watching me - I think it's important for them to see you exercising and keeping in shape. As much as they come up and hit me on the butt when I'm doing a lunge, at least they are watching and its registering with them in some way, ha! They recognize the music and are like, "Is that Strongest Mom?" So funny.

Anyway, my stomach is a lot flatter since I've been doing it. Woo Hoo! It's been a godsend this summer not having to drag kiddos to the yoga studio. I love incorporating both yoga and the videos into my routine!

Tracy M.
Dallas, Texas


Life with children is fun and joyful, but very chaotic too.  Strongest Mom's 30-minute workouts represent a great "parenthesis" in my day that help maintain my life in balance.

VEronica D.
Dallas, Texas

I’ve been doing circuit training for a while now. After working out with Niccole, what I realize is that I’m not doing enough to push myself. This showed me that my strength is improving…but it’s not where it needs to be. So it’s like having my personal trainer at home! 

Las Vegas, NEVADA


Thirty minutes! Start to finish. The fact that you can get a complete, total body workout in 30 minutes is the best thing about this. The fast pace of the exercises doesn't allow me to get bored. And just when you think you can't do one more rep, it's time to move on to the next exercise. Niccole put so much thought into the progression of the exercises. You fatigue the secondary muscles without even knowing it!

Alexis D.
Dallas, Texas

I was in a little slump. A bit depressed and a little unmotivated. Thankfully, I ran into Niccole at the right time. I joined the Strongest Mom Half Marathon training program in January — and all I can say, is LIFE CHANGING! I suddenly had a nice group of ladies to look forward to working out with, plus some running I could do on my own. She made a calendar that let you know exactly what you needed to do on what day. All I had to do was do it. What did I get?  A better body, healthier lungs, sleeping better, feeling better and changed my mood drastically.  The best part — I can now put running a half marathon on my list of accomplishments. Lastly — she is your ultimate cheerleader. There were a few times, I was the slowest runner — and who ran with me?  Niccole.  She is motivation and inspiration.

Marina S.
Dallas, Texas


The Strongest Mom has helped me achieve the physical and mental focus I need to be a mom to five.  If I’m strong, I can lift my kids up. When I’m weak, I fall on my habits that only lead to failure and fatigue for not just me, but for my family.  I love reading the encouragement and practical advice.  This gives me the tools to reach my goals.  And the workouts give me the strength to achieve them.  My parenting books are piled high on my nightstand…but the Strongest Mom is something that I know and use EVERYDAY.  

Jenn F.
Dallas, Texas

I would much rather workout with Niccole than Shawn T any day! I was tired of paying gym fees and spending all my time driving to the gym, taking a class for one hour and driving home. This is the perfect solution!

Paige M.
Dallas, Texas

After my first baby, my workouts steadily decreased due to lack of time and energy.   After my 2nd baby my workouts stopped all together.  Then between 2 kids and a full-time job, getting back on a good routine seemed impossible.  Strongest Mom has not only eased me back into workouts, but has allowed me to do it all.  In 30 minutes, I get a great workout and don't even have to go to the gym! Thank you Strongest Moms!  

Chithra V.
Dallas, texaS