The greatest calling in my life is being married to my lifelong friend, Vito, and mother to our four children: Arianna (9), Pasquale (8), Nico (7) and Marcello (2.5). I’ve been a fitness enthusiast for as long as I can remember: 12-time High School varsity letter winner, ACE certified personal trainer, Spin instructor, Moms In Motion trainer, marathon and half marathon finisher, USTA tennis player, hiker, snowboarder and power walker. By teaching myself how to eat right and exercise smarter (not harder), I’ve changed my body composition and lost 19% body weight and 56% body fat. Two months postpartum after our 4th baby was born, I filmed the first four Strongest Mom 30-minute workouts. I understand how exhausting being a new mom is, but came up with a solution, 30-minute fitness videos, so that I could exercise and be strong for my family. Ten months postpartum, I filmed the next four Strongest Mom 30-minute workouts. These workouts incorporate cardio, strength training, core conditioning and flexibility so that I could physically keep up with the demands of my growing family. Our 30-minute fitness videos have been featured in the Park Cities People and Preston Hollow People newspapers, and Fox 4 News Healthy Holiday Stuffers presented by the Cooper Center in Dallas, Texas. I am a biweekly fitness guest expert on One Life Radio 1190AM Talk Radio and have been interviewed by Faith Marketplace talk radio show in Chicago.

Raising children is hard work. Energizing our children to make healthy living a priority is my number one job. In addition to staying active with seasonal activities, our children have earned: Tae Kwon Do 1st Degree Black Belt, KUMON G by 5 (actually by 3rd grade) recognition, 1st place Triathlon finisher (the largest Triathlon in North Texas), 4-time triathlon finishes, 4-time Presidential Active Lifestyle Award Recipient, DASA Swimming All Star Champions, HPISD Talented and Gifted program, Piano Composer, Blue Ribbon Winners in DMTA Jazz Competitions, Sonata Festivals and Achievement Auditions, performed in 6 ballet recitals, hiked 177 miles of the Sierra Nevada mountains and flag football champions (after all, we do live in Texas)!

Life is exhausting. Most days, it is hard for me to find a balance between the emotional and physical demands of being a mom. Exercise helps me find the balance I need so that I can have a positive attitude toward my family and exercise renews my energy. But even for me, a fitness enthusiast, I struggle to find time to get to the gym and exercise. That is why our 30-minute fitness videos have been a life saver. These workouts help me stay in shape so that I can keep up with the demands of parenting, and give me enough energy to make it through the day. The workouts target my trouble areas (butt, abs and core) and take only 30-minutes out of my busy day. Emotionally, it's hard to be a mom and that’s why I end each workout with a positive message from me to you, encouraging you to keep up the great work. Motherhood is an awesome journey and everyday in the Big-D is a new adventure!



Most moms, including myself, don’t wake up one day and say, “I’m the strongest mom!” The journey to becoming the strongest mom is like climbing a mountain, one step at a time, until you reach the summit. My journey to becoming the strongest mom began in 2005, after my first miscarriage. Vito and I have experienced the loss of an identical twin to TTTS, premature delivery, life threatening infant illnesses and near infant death with each of our children. To me, becoming the strongest mom is about the effort (not the outcome) and the progress (not perfection). Day in and day out, I put my best foot forward and can honestly say, that over the years, I feel like I am becoming the strongest mom. Being a mom is a lifelong journey and it isn't always easy. There are days when I want to throw in the towel and quit, but moms inspire me to take the next step. My hope is to encourage you to become the strongest version of you.

— Niccole's Exercise & Parenting Mantras