First Workout of 2016

Today was my first workout in 22 days. Quite honestly, I haven't been motivated. With the best intentions to wake up at 5am to do my workout, I slept in, woke up late and rushed to get a family of 6 out the door in 20 minutes. After drop off, the amount of work that I was behind on began to overwhelm me and then when Vito went for his workout, he motivated me to do my workout. So I did. I ran my 5 miles, MUCH slower than usual, but with my music and cool temperatures, I did it. Yes, even after stretching, I'm quite sore already, but the energy and alertness I feel outweighs the muscle pain. Today begins my trek. I’ve picked my peak and am on my way to reach the top. Are you ready to start your trek? If so, I’d love to hear from you and your trek. Together, let’s motivate one another and make 2016 the best trek yet!