Exercise Boosts Brainpower

My calendar popped up and reminded me that tomorrow was going to be a busy day. In addition to the normal busyness of being a mom of four, I had 9 appointments and a husband out of town. That’s when I paused and asked myself, “Do I really need to do my 30-minute workout today?”
The short answer: yes! Making your workout a priority is one of the best decisions you can make as a busy mom. Why?

1. Increase productivity. It is hard to imagine that you can be more productive that you already are. From the moment your feet hit the floor, you are up and running. Tackling everything from A to Z to meet the needs of your child, care for your home and contribute in your workplace. How does exercise increase your productivity? Exercise improves the blood flow to your brain, makes you more responsive and gives you more energy to get through your busy day.
2. Boost your immune system. Are you or your kids suffering from the "back to school" common cold, strep throat, ear or sinus infection? According to SMU Biology Senior Lecturer Eva Stalnaker, Ph.D, "Exercise will boost your immune system by decreasing the body’s inflammatory reactions, and by mechanisms we do not yet understand.  But it works!" Moms, what are you waiting for? Go exercise and boost your immune system.
3. Boost brainpower. You eat blueberries and salmon to make you smarter. Did you also know that exercising regularly makes you smarter? Exercise stimulates the growth of new brain cells and increases the production of BDNF, the gene that helps our learning, memory and higher thinking. Want to boost your BDNF? Exercise! Register for 30-minute boot camp, get it done, feel great and get smarter! 

You are all incredible moms. Isn't it time to let exercise help you become the strongest mom, increase your productivity, boost your immune system and boost your brainpower?

Strongest Mom