Break Your Bad Exercise Habits

Our 7 and 8-year old boys participate in a Taekwondo “Bad Habits” board breaking ceremony. Students write down 3-4 bad habits, read them out loud, and then kick and break the board. This is such an awesome (and simple) way to kick bad habits!
Can the same be done when it comes to bad exercise habits?

Here are three bad exercise habits and simple ways to break them:

Bad habit #1: You take a break from exercising and feel guilty. While walking with a friend the other day, I asked how she was feeling, and she said “mushy.” We both chuckled. Taking a break from exercise, whether it is one week, one month, one year or longer, makes you feel guilty, myself included. The flip side is that getting back into an exercise routine makes you feel good, inside and out. If you haven't exercised lately, raise your right hand, nod your head and say out loud, “I haven’t exercised lately.” Now, go and exercise. Take a walk, go to a spin class, or order our 30-minute workouts. Hopefully after you exercise, you'll find yourself saying, “It feels so awesome to exercise again!!”

Bad habit #2: You forget to set fitness goals. What is on your calendar today? It is hard to imagine what your day looks like, or the amount of things that need to get done. More than likely, you are a very busy mom. Forgetting to set fitness goals can limit your potential to change the way you feel and look. Fitness goals help moms build physical strength, improve self-esteem and have a positive attitude. Need help in setting your goals? Here's your goal: try our fitness videos for 60-days, follow the 5-day workout plan and see your life change physically and mentally!

Bad habit #3: You repeat the same workout. Remember the movie Groundhog Day? If you do the same workout it will be really hard to reach your fitness goals, change the way you feel or achieve the best results possible. Variety is a key component to the success of your workout program. Think about what you want to change, find a program that offers variety, encourages you to work hard and builds your confidence.  

Moms, even though you are busy taking care of your family, you can find time to break your bad exercise habits. Start by letting go of your guilt, take the Strongest Mom 8-week fitness challenge and mix up your workout routine. Need help identifying your bad habits? Maybe our boys' bad habits will inspire you to identify yours. 

Nico's Bad Habits (7-year old)
1. Control my emotions.
2. Don't ask silly questions.
3. (Don't) speak meanly.
4. Do not interrupt.
Pasquale's Bad Habits (8-year old)
1. Don't get mad over silly things.
2. Do not interrupt.
3. Don't be grumpy.

Together, let's kick our bad exercise habits and start forming good ones!