Lose 7 Pounds and Fit Into Your Jeans

Moms, the countdown to 2017 has begun and it’s going to be a mad dash to the finish line!  The upcoming holiday rush will have most of us burning the candle at both ends.  My prayer for you during this season is that you will embrace the hustle and bustle, and have a healthy holiday season.

Is it really possible to have a healthy holiday season? Yes!  I believe that if you stay disciplined to exercise and make healthy nutritional choices, you will achieve!

How can you stay disciplined to exercise? 

Find an accountability group and show up (even when you don’t feel like it)!  Ask any of the 15 moms that just finished our 30-minute boot camp how they did it, and let them be your inspiration.  This journey started as a 28-day challenge, and because of their hard work, discipline and results, we extended the boot camp for an additional 4-weeks!  Why? Because when you are disciplined to exercise, it becomes habitual and you like how you feel and how you look. Surround yourself with people that can share testimonies like this with you:

GREAT workout this morning – thank you!! My muscles are tired, but not sore. These workouts are amazing – I can feel myself getting stronger.

I can’t believe it…weighed myself today and down 7 pounds since boot camp started…Ran 30 minutes at 6.2-6.5 on treadmill.

I just put on a pair of skinny jeans that I haven’t worn in years. YEARS. And they fit!! (I realize these are now far out of style but I don’t care! Wearing them anyway!)

How can you make healthy nutritional choices? 

Fuel your body with vitamins every morning!  Did you know that vitamins could reduce stress, boost metabolism and help balance your body (especially if you skip meals or don’t eat a well balanced diet)?  After 8-weeks of IDLife vitamins, I can honestly say that these vitamins have helped me sleep better; wake up with a clear mind, and fill the small nutrient gaps that I do not get from diet alone.  I can go on-and-on about other benefits from taking my vitamins, email me and I'll share my experience with you.

Is this something that you can really do?

I truly believe that any one, (especially you!) can have a healthy holiday season. Remind yourself that it starts with being disciplined to exercise and making healthy nutritional choices.  If you need motivation, reach out to me or mark your calendar for November 29th and join us at The Mom's Marketplace.  The Mom's Marketplace is a group of moms that will have health, fitness, beauty and relaxation gift ideas for everyone on your list, so that you can help them have a healthy holiday season.


Do carbs tempt you? They're my downfall!

What is your greatest temptation?  Maybe you love Internet browsing, or social media consumes all your free time.  Do you ever get mid-day cravings or late night munchies and find yourself wolfing down the last few Hershey’s kisses?  Sugar, carb cravings and not getting enough sleep are my biggest downfalls.  Temptations get the best of me when my normal routine is disrupted.  Hey, I’m human!  But, when I give in to temptation, here are a few steps I take to help me fail forward and get back on track, so I can keep living the dream:) 


Know Your Limits

Since sugar is one of my greatest temptations, I have learned the importance of knowing my limits.  The older I get, the more I realize how processed sugars (from sweets and alcohol) affect my body.  Eating too much sugar negatively affects my metabolism and tricks my body into storing fat and gaining weight.  Instead of overindulging everyday, I overindulge occasionally, like a special celebration or getaway weekend.  Knowing your limits helps you stay disciplined to your personal journey and achieve overall better health and wellness.


Exercise Overhaul

When I find myself falling into carb temptations, my first response is to overhaul my exercise routine.  Right now, we are in the home stretch of our 28-day IDLife challenge. Our Strongest Mom Boot Camp has helped me burn more calories; improve my overall muscle strength and cardio output.  When carbs get the best of me, these workouts help me overcome my weaknesses!  Are you ready for an exercise overhaul?  Great news!  We’re extending boot camp for an additional 3-weeks and the next session will begin on October 17th.  Fail forward, find success and join us every Monday, Wednesday and Friday on the Curtis Park Playground at 8:30 am.  Space is limited, so register today!


Eat Your Nutrients

I really thought my diet was well balanced and filled with the nutrients and vitamins I needed, but boy, was I wrong!  Up until this 28-day challenge, the last vitamin I took was a pre-natal vitamin, more than 3-years ago.   The IDLife science based vitamins are helping my aging body combat osteoporosis, are helping me sleep better, and are filled with anti-oxidants to help me grow old gracefully. 

To get your FREE health assessment and nutritional recommendations, go to, click on the assessment tab and in as quick as 5-minutes, you will have the scientific facts.  Knowledge is power and you have the opportunity to be proactive and rebound from your temptations as well as have better health and wellness!

Moms, our "Team of 3" is in our final stretch of this 28-day challenge, so cheer us on and help us finish strong!  We’d love to see you when we start up our boot camp again on October 17th.  Together, we can fail forward, overcome temptation and age gracefully one day at a time.


Exercise and Proper Nutrition

Our "Team of 3" is on day-7 of our 28-day challenge.  Are you the slightest bit curious about how our transformation is going?  Over the last 7-days, we have lost 5.5 pounds, logged more than 15-hours of exercise, our clothes are fitting better, we have more energy and are following our IDLife 28-Day Challenge calendar.  Week-1 summary: regular exercies and small dietary changes can yield big results.

What are our 28-Day Challenge goals?

1.     Have fun exercising.  Exercise can be a woman’s worse enemy or best friend.  Whether exercise is your foe or friend will largely depend on if you are getting results both mentally and physically.  Exercise releases endorphins, a feel-good hormone.  When you feel good, you are happier!  Exercise also makes you feel strong from a muscular and skeletal perspective.  When you feel happier and your body feels stronger, you are more likely to stay committed to an exercise program.  Our Strongest Mom 30-minute workouts are hard (to help you get results) and fun (to help you start your day with a smile)!

2.     Fuel our bodies with IDLife vitamins, supplements and hydration.  Why is hydration so important?  Your calorie burning muscles slow down dramatically when your body does not have adequate amounts of water.  Over 70% of your muscle consists of water, so when they are not fully hydrated, their ability to generate energy is severely inhibited and you burn fewer calories.  When your body is properly hydrated and gets replenished pre/post workouts, you get better results!

How is this 28-Day Challenge going to help us reach our goals?

1.     Individualized workouts!  Each boot camp workout is individualized.  Moms trust me to put together a workout that will target a mom's "trouble areas" and will help them reach their goals.  Each workout is individually created and designed.  These workouts incorporate big muscle movements, compound exercises, and include cardio intervals to help burn more calories. 

2.     Personalized nutrition! IDLife is the world’s first ever fully customized vitamin program designed to provide you with the exact nutrients you need.  If you want to learn more about personalized nutrition, start by taking your free health assessment at or email Sarah @  Personalized nutrition is easy to incorporate into a the life of a busy mom and has definitely made a positive impact in helping us reach our goals.


We are super excited to continue on this journey for the next 3-weeks.  Stay tuned for more updates, or come and join us at Curtis Park on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 8:30-9 AM.