Body Fat, Cancer and Eating Well - One Life Radio

Most people I know struggle with, and want to know how they can lose body fat. Do you know the difference between subcutaneous fat and visceral fat? When you hear the word “cancer”, does it make you feel anxious or fearful? Did you know certain foods can help as a preventative measure or reduce the risk of getting cancer? Learning to eat well is an acquired (or learned) behavior. Eating well is such a large part of our day, wouldn’t it be great if eating well was easy to do? Answers to these topics and more are discussed on the Wednesday, Oct. 21st One Life Radio 1190AM podcast @OneLifeRadio1. Click this link and hear hosts Bernadette, Danny and Alan as they talk with guest experts Ryan Lowery and Colin Champ about body fat and cancer. And to finish off the segment, I talk about 7 truths to eating well. Join us live on Nov. 4, 12pm on One Life Radio 1190AM when Vito and I join forces and talk about raising high performing kids.

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