Eight post pregnancy workouts, 2-DVDs, Meal Plan, Workout Plan & Inspiration


Eight post pregnancy workouts, 2-DVDs, Meal Plan, Workout Plan & Inspiration


30-minute post pregnancy workouts. After my fourth baby, I created these workouts to help me (and moms) shed pregnancy weight and maintain my sanity. I believe that, "Exercise is for my sanity, not my vanity!"


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Step 1 – Get Moving Series: Four 30-minute workouts

Get Moving series focuses on mastering the basics. It is instructional, and helps you establish a fitness foundation. The setting is as if I am training you one-on-one. Regardless of your age and stage of life, every mom needs to start here and master these basics before Moving Up to the next series; it’s worth the investment. As a former certified personal trainer, I want you to be confident in your form because great form gives you great results.

Get Moving: Instructional and full of variety. 30-minutes of squats, lunges, punching and good old-fashion sweat. You’ll feel great, Get Moving and have some fun!

Get Training: 30-minute workout to help you build lean muscles, boost your metabolism and lose body fat without bulking up. You need Get Training to burn tons of calories and sculpt your body.

Get HIIT: 30-minutes of high intensity interval training (HIIT) intervals to help you burn fat, challenge your endurance and improve your overall fitness. The intervals are performed at 80-85% of your maximum heart rate, that means you’re sweating and out of breath. Time to Get HIIT and be fit!

Get LIIT: 30-minutes of low intensity interval training (LIIT) intervals to help you establish a fitness foundation. Each interval is 3 minutes long and performed at 60-65% of your maximum heart rate. Plain and simple, your heart rate is climbing and you’re getting out of breath. Moms, you need to jog before you can run! 

Workout Plan: 
Choose from a 3, 4 or 6-day 30-minute workout plan that is BEST for your busy schedule.

Equipment Needed: 5-10 pound weights, resistance band, mat, chair, medicine ball (optional)

Step 2 – Moving Up Series: Four 30-minute workouts
Moving Up is an intensified (not intimidating) series, to help you achieve the best results possible.  These muscle defining, quick moving workouts are challenging, rewarding and a great solution for a busy mom.  Feel your conditioning, core and muscle strength, and agility improve.  Moving Up conditions your body to sustain the long days on your feet when we are caring for your children, chauffeuring to activities or keeping up with your domestic duties.

Back & Biceps: 30-minutes of quick moving, heart pumping, and muscle-defining intervals. Challenges your muscles and cardio! Moms, whether you’re picking up your baby or carrying your groceries, you need these muscles.

Chest & Triceps: 30-minutes of challenging and rewarding intervals to give you shapely arms and help you have good posture. This workout helps you achieve those results.

Legs & Shoulders: 30-minutes of intensified legs and shoulders intervals. Squat, lunge, press, raise and row your muscles into shape! Just like your little one learns to walk one step at a time, you’ll finish this workout one leg at a time.

Total Body: 30-minutes of intervals that combines the best exercises from each workout with an emphasis on core conditioning. This workout challenges balance, flexibility, and muscle strength. Moms, this “one-and-done” workout will keep you strong, all day long!

8-Weeks Customized Workout Plan: 3, 4-5 or 6-day workout plan that BEST fits your busy schedule.

8-Weeks Meal Plan: 4-weeks of meal plans that can be used to create 60-days.

8-Weeks of Encouragement: Once you receive your product, you will receive 60-days of encouragement.

Equipment Needed: 3-10 pound weights, resistance band, mat and chair